The 16 talks will be separated into two blocks, the first beginning at 7:00 and the second beginning at 8:00.

7:00 – 8:00

Making brainstorms work for you
Renee Pinter
Heard brainstorming’s overrated? Try these ideas out! Generate tons of crazy, brilliant or awesome ideas with just a touch of structure

Digging through UX
Ray Alexander
Archaeology is guessing at the culture and experience of the past through an incomplete record. UX is doing the same thing for the present and the future.

Chunky Content in Context
Kelly Sattler
Provide users with the content needed as needed by chunking it up. Death to the WYSIWYG. Mashup of talks by @karenmcgrane & @feather.

Web accessibility: more than assistive technologies
Larry Rusinsky
Learn how accessibility improvements can benefit all users, with the added bonus of increasing your potential visitor and customer base!

After Orientation: Making Room for a Novice UX Designer
Megan Schwarz
Novice UX designers can be invigorating for a team when given proper support. Learn ways to be more effective through novice UX designers.

Keith Instone
Jobs. Attract & retain businesses. Innovation. Quality of life. Talent. That’s Economic Development. What does that have to do with UX?

One of Us
Lija Hogan
There is a shortage of qualified UX folks. We can do more as a community of practitioners to assist in identifying and mentoring those new to the field.

What comes first: stakeholder buy-in or making customers happy?
Cynthia Zimber
Winning the UX budget game may not always be about delighting customers with a great experience – consider what else may be at play here.

8:00 – 9:00

We Can Do Better
Dustin Hodge
UX peeps are creative, empathetic problem solvers who love to make the world better for people. So why are we helping Nike sell more shoes?

Brand New Eyes
Matt Rehkopf
A public introspection of how a few short years of Zen Buddhism has fundamentally altered a decade-long practice of user-centered design

User Testing: I think, I heard, I saw
Kim Callery
A quick and reliable technique that is about getting every team member involved in usability testing so they feel heard, integrated, and want it more!

Abstraction as a tool for running successful projects
Kaarin Hoff
If we get concrete too quickly, we never establish goals. Intentional filtering of the complex lends clarity, alignment, and better results.

UX Cross-Training
Derek Poppink
I will share the background, content, and outcomes of an on-the-job curriculum designed to cross-train product managers in user experience skills and methods.

5 Tips for UX Success in Agile
Tonya McCarley
Learn 5 tips on how to better integrate UX into the agile process. You’ll come away with different ideas to try in your organization.

Yes, and… How studying improvisational comedy has made me a better UX researcher
Anne Marie Sumner
In my talk, I will share five things that I have learned while studying improvisational comedy and how they apply to the practice of User Experience Research.